ISS-59 mission

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ISS crew:

Commander -
Oleg Kononenko
Flight engineers:
David Saint-Jaques
Ann McClain
Ovchinin Alexey
Nick Hague
Christina Koch



Cosmonautics Day in Energia

April 12, 2018

RSC Energia celebrated the Cosmonautics Day. The celebration began with a meeting in the auditorium. Colleagues, veterans of the company and honorary guests were congratulated on the holiday by the general director of the Corporation Vladimir Solntsev.

- Fifty seven years ago Gagarins famous words: Off we go! woke up the world. The age of space exploration began. Today we, the big space family, carry on the traditions established by Sergei Korolev and his associates. If we are able to carry off those ambitious projects that we have embarked upon, we wont be ashamed to look in the eyes of our predecessors! I wish everybody prosperity, peace, clear skies above your heads! Congratulations on the holiday! said Vladimir Solntsev.

- The town of Korolev is truly the capital of space flight. It was here that incomparable feats of scientific thought were achieved. Congratulations on the victory! Congratulations on the conquest of space! I wish you success in the exploration of space! addressed the audience the Head of Administration of the urban district of Korolev Yuri Koptsik. He congratulated the honorary guest of Energia, the daughter of the Chief Designer Natalia Koroleva and thanked her for her patriotism and her work to commemorate her great father.

Natalia Koroleva replied by expressing her special gratitude to veterans of Energia who made our country a great spacefaring power. The audience saluted with cheers Vakhtang Vachnadze the legend of the Corporation, one of those who witnessed the founding of the company.

The event ended with presentation of awards to the best employees.

Commendations from State Corporation for space activities ROSCOSMOS were given to: T.V. Berezina, E.Y. Vinyar, A.S. Yershov, O.A. Kondrashova, V.V. Korshakov, M.M. Ovchinnikova, V.I. Parshin, E.N. Romashkina, O.V. Shitikov, M.I. Shchepina. K.E.Tsiolkovsky Order from the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia was awarded to N.K.Berenov. S.P.Korolev Order from the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia was awarded to K.I.Zhilyakov and A.V.Pantyulina. Medal for Merit from the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia was awarded to V.A. Tyulmenkova. The honorary title of the Veteran of Cosmonautics of Russia was awarded to A.A.Bakhrameev and V.A.Kozyrev. The honorary title of the Honored Developer of Space Technology was awarded to A.V.Zimovsky and A.F. Melekhov. The honorary title of the Honored Worker in Industry of the Moscow Region was awarded to V.E. Kozhevnikov and V.Y. Orlovsky. Commendation from the Governor of the Moscow Region was awarded to T.B. Belyaev, T.A. Volkova, A.Y. Germanski, A.S. Gordyaev, M.V. Oreshkin. Letters of Commendation from the Governor of Moscow Region were awarded to A.N. Gorodnov, L.N. Vodyannikova, A.V. Osetrov. Certificates of Merit from the head of the urban district of Korolev were given to L.N.Kuznetsova, V.V. Makarova, B.A. Prostakov, A.Y. Skorovarov, M.I. Yakusheva

After that, employees and veterans of Energia, in accordance with the established tradition, paid tribute to the memory of the companys founder by laying flowers to the memorial plaque commemorating the Chief Designer located on the corporation premises, and then to the bust monument to Sergei Korolev at the first entrance to the premises. After that a delegation went to the sculpture Stellar People of Earth and the monument in the Korolev avenue.

Celebrations in the town concluded at Gymnasium No.11 where a bust monument to Krolev was unveiled. The schoolchildren prepared for the guests a gala concert, while students of the aerospace class and of the childrens technopark Quantorium that are sponsored by the Corporation made presentations of their space projects.

According to the established tradition, on April 12 RSC Energia received little guests, children and grandchildren of company employees, who visited the RSC Energia museum as well as the Center for Development of Technologies and Personnel Training of ZAO ZEM.





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