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RSC Energia and MAI signed a program of cooperation

April 11, 2018

On April 11 RSC Energia and Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) signed a program of cooperation in the field of personnel training and of joint R&D efforts for 2018 - 2019 and for the longer term.

The document was signed by the General Director of the Corporation Vladimir Solntsev and the head of MAI Mikhail Pogosyan.

Close cooperation between RSC Energia and MAI has been continuing throughout the entire history of the company. The Cooperation Program adopted on the eve of the Cosmonautics Day highlights the success of this partnership and brings it to a higher new level. The program is designed to organize joint work between RSC Energia and MAI (NRU) in order to improve the level of training of the engineering and scientific personnel, as well as to carry out exploratory and applied science research and advanced development efforts. The basis for the cooperation program are the numerous joint projects between the Corporation and the University, carried out in accordance with the priorities of the Strategy for scientific and technological development of Russia. These are digital and smart manufacturing processes, new materials and design techniques, the space exploration objectives. There will also be joint work of RSC Energia and MAI under a number of projects of the Federal Space Program of Russia for 2016-2025.

- There are certain very specific areas of our joint activities. These are, first of all, various educational programs carried out by MAI, which we rely upon to strengthen the human resources of the Corporation. Secondly – there is a package of work related to the development of our new crew transportation spacecraft Federatsiya, which uses new composite materials. And finally, there is the development of the new medium- and, eventually, super-heavy-launch vehicle which will use additive technologies – pointed out the General Director of RSC Energia Vladimir Solntsev.

- The Agreement will make it possible to establish a new, even more efficient system for continuous professional training at MAI, which is going to take into account the human resources requirements of RSC Energia. In the digital economics environment, the manager must pay attention to the servicing issues as early as the product design phase. Cooperation with MAI in the training of the personnel reserve will provide the Corporate employees access to the best practices of digital manufacturing, - pointed out the head of MAI Mikhail Pogosyan.

RSC Energia is developing partnerships with a number of leading engineering universities of Russia in the fields of developing innovation technologies, corporate-sponsored training of students, development of educational programs. The Corporation partners include the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Tomsk Polytechnic University, Kazan Tupolev National Research Technical University - KAI, Moscow State University, Tula State University, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Russian University of the Friendship of Peoples etc.

To wrap up the visit the MAI delegation toured the RSC Energia museum and the Center for Virtual Design.




December 3, 2018
LV Soyuz-FG with SC Soyuz MS-11 is launched
November 16, 2018
LV Soyuz-FG with SC Progress MS-10 is launched



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