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Program of extravehicular activities has been successfully completed

February 5, 2018

ROSCOSMOS cosmonauts Alexander MISURKIN and Anton SHKAPLEROV completed the first in 2018 spacewalk from the International Space Station (ISS). Within the 44th EVA planned within the Russian program the cosmonauts successfully fulfilled all main tasks.

The egress hatch was closed by cosmonauts, which returned to the space station at 02:46 Moscow time. The duration of their stay in outer space was 8 hours and 12 minutes. After returning to the station Alexander MISURKIN and Anton SHKAPLEROV are feeling well. The ISS-54 International Expedition crew continues performing the flight program.

During their activities on the external surface of the ISS the cosmonauts removed the decommissioned antenna receiving device and installed a new receiving module of the broadband communication system on the instrument package of the high gain antenna, which significantly increases the real time transmission capacity and efficiency of telemetry and target information using satellite system Luch. The cosmonauts also performed a number of additional operations with equipment installed on the external surface of the station.

Today, there are three spacecraft of the multifunctional space relay system Luch in geostationary orbit of the Earth, which makes it possible to conduct test-run data reception/transmission sessions in areas outside the Russian ground site coverage. In future a joint application of the ground and satellite control loop equipment will improve the control efficiency and reliability for the ISS Russian Segment.


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