ISS-66 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Anton Shkaplerov

Flight engineers:
Petr Dubrov
Tom Marshburn
Mark Vande Hei
Raja Chari
Kayla Barron
Matthias Maurer



42nd Academic Readings on Cosmonautics Korolev Readings

January 22, 2018

January 23-26, 2018, Bauman Moscow State Technical University will host the 42nd Academic Readings on Cosmonautics dedicated to the memory of Academician S.P. Korolev and our country's other outstanding scientists - pioneers of space exploration Korolev Readings.

Set up within the framework of the event will be 22 sessions dedicated to fundamental problems in space science and its role in addressing the issues of socio-economic and strategic development of modern society.

The following subjects are to be discussed within the framework of the Readings: scientific legacy of space exploration pioneers and schools of design in rocket and space industry, fundamental problems of space science and the status of its specific areas, the role of space flight in addressing the issues of socio-economic and strategic development of modern society, humanitarian aspects of space flight and studies in history of space science and technology.

Discussions of papers presented at the Readings will be organized into the following sessions:

  • Session 1. Pioneers of space exploration. History of rocket and space science and technology.
  • Session 2. Flying vehicles. Engineering and design
  • Session 3. Founders of aerospace propulsion engineering and problems in theory and design of engines for flying vehicles
  • Session 4. Power generation in space and electrical propulsion systems for space current issues in development and quality assurance, high technologies
  • Session 5. Applied celestial mechanics and motion control
  • Session 6. Special information radio and optoelectronic equipment
  • Session 7. Development of space flight and fundamental problems in gas dynamics, combustion and heat exchange
  • Session 8. Economics of space activities
  • Session 9. Space flight and sustainable development of society (concepts, problems, solutions)
  • Session 10. Space flight and culture
  • Session 11. High-technologies in rocket and space hardware
  • Session 12. Ground infrastructure assets of rocket systems
  • Session 13. Ballistics and aerodynamics of flying vehicles and control of space missions
  • Session 14. Aerospace education and youth problems
  • Session 15. Combined propulsion systems for hypersonic and aerospace flying vehicles
  • Session 16. The use of the results of space activities in the interests of socioeconomic development of Russian Federation and its regions
  • Session 17. Control systems for spacecraft and space systems
  • Session 18 named after G.N. Babakin. Robotic spacecraft for planetary and astrophysical research. Engineering, design, testing and analysis
  • Session 19. Manufacturing of rocket and space hardware
  • Session 20. Space biology and medicine
  • Session 21. Space navigation and robotics
  • Session 22 named after academician V.N. Chelomei. Rocket systems and rocket and space systems. Design, developmental testing, flight testing, operation

More detailed information is available at the web site of the event:




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