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21st Scientific and Technical conference of young scientists and specialists has begun its work

October 31, 2017

October 30 S.P.Korolev RCS Energia held an opening ceremony of the 21st Scientific and Technical conference of young scientists and specialists dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first artificial satellite of Earth. More than 500 young scientists and specialists from 80 leading companies in the industry and the best engineering universities of our country submitted applications to take part in the conference. 337 papers will be presented in sixteen workshops. Authors of more than 170 papers are employees of the Corporation and the factory. 204 papers will be presented by other organizations in the industry: Rocket and Space Center Progress, Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, Pilyugin Research and Production Center for Automatics and Instrumentation, Sukhoi company, Makeev State Rocket Center and others.

The scientific and technical forum was opened by the chairman of the conference organizing committee, general designer of the Corporation, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Y.A. Mikrin. He reminded that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first scientific and technical conference held at the company in 1967 under the guidance of the first chairman of the organizing committee M.K.Tikhonravov.

– The scientific and technical conference to this day remains a most important event in the life of the Corporation, of our industry, and of our country, since it encourages the young to be more active, to search for and implement new creative ideas and interesting designs, without which no further development of such an advanced industry as space industry is possible, - pointed out the general designer.

In keeping with a long established tradition, the young scientists of the industry were addressed by the daughter of S.P.Korolev, professor, Doctor of Medical Science N.S. Koroleva. She told the participants in the conference that from his school days Sergei Korolev treasured time and in his youth is was far from every night that he managed to get to bed. And later in life, he used nights to fly to the launch site: he couldn’t afford to waste working time on traveling. And it was this self-discipline together with extraordinary dedication and single-mindedness that helped him to become The Korolev and make our country the first space-fairing nation. Natalia Koroleva reminded what her father wrote in his last article published in Pravda on January 1, 1966, two weeks before he died: “What seemed to be impossible for ages, what, only yesterday, was a daring dream, today becomes a real task, and tomorrow an achievement. There can be no barriers for human thought!” And she expressed confidence that among the participants in the conference there are future celebrated academicians, great scientists, chief designers of new space vehicles.

Participants in the scientific and technical conference were addressed by First Deputy General Designer, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.A.Soloviev. Referring to the famous word of Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.", Vladimir Soloviev noted that today’s young people looking for their own path in science and technical creativity are very lucky. They stand on the shoulders of such outstanding scientists as S.P.Korolev, B.V. Raushenbakh, B.Y. Chertok, V.P. Mishin and many other figures of great importance in science and space industry, who built up a sturdy foundation enabling today’s young generation to look ahead much farther than their predecessors.

- As never before,  our industry needs dynamic young people who can and will do new things, - pointed out in his address V.A.Soloviev. – We very seriously review your papers, keeping in mind, among other things, the question of who among you in the future can be entrusted with our work, our Corporation, our Motherland!

Young scientists and specialists were congratulated on the opening of the conference by Instructor-Cosmonaut-Tester, 1st Class, Head of Scientific and Technical Center A.Y.Kaleri:

– All of us, working in large teams, are linked to each other. Depending on how each of us does his work is completion of serious programs that are currently under way. This is especially important in manned spaceflight, where the quality of everyone’s work is directly linked to the safety of the crew who turn all our plans into reality. That is why the first thing I want to whish you is to learn teamwork!

Participants in the scientific and technical conference were congratulated on its opening by the crew of Expedition 53 to the International Space Station: Roscosmos cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin and Sergei Ryazansky:

- The 21st century requires breakthroughs in development of reliable, efficient and safe rocket and space hardware and space technologies. Your creativity, the thirst for new knowledge, and their use in new space projects are the foundation of future achievements! We wish all the participants success in their chosen field of work!

Having got acquainted with information about how the conference is going to proceed presented by the secretary of the conference organizing committee A.V. Zhirnov, and having viewed the film “The Space Age is 60!”, the participants in the scientific and technical conference got down to work, which is conducted in workshops dedicated to major areas of RSC Energia activities.



December 3, 2018
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November 16, 2018
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