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RSC Energia: 105 years since the birth of Academician Boris Chertok

March 1, 2017

   Exactly 105 years ago, on March 1, 1912, Boris Chertok, a prominent scientist, one of the pioneers in the field of rocket and space technology was born in Lodz.

Almost all his life Boris Evseevich dedicated to the development and creation of spacecraft and rocket control systems. Since 1945, he together with Sergei Pavlovich Korolev participated in the study of captured German V-2 rockets and development on their basis of the first Soviet rockets making a significant contribution to the creation of national rocket and space technology. In 1974 Boris Chertok was appointed Deputy General Designer of NPO Energia in charge of control systems.

He participated in the development of the first ballistic and geophysical rockets, integrated launch vehicles, first artificial satellites, scientific satellites Elektron, stations for missions to the Moon, Mars, Venus, first communication satellites Molniya-1, Zenit SC for photographic observation. Under his direction the onboard control systems and electrical systems of such spacecraft as Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz, spacecraft and upper stages under the Lunar program of the USSR, orbital stations Salyut, Mir, astrophysical orbital module Gamma, Energia-Buran system and Buran orbiter were developed. At the final stage of his career Chertok participated in the development of the Russian Segment of the International Space Station.

While working at the enterprise Boris Evseevich simultaneously was engaged in research and teaching activities. From 1947 to 1978 he taught at the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School and since 1978 he held the chair at MPTI. His school still determines many research areas in national manned cosmonautics. Boris Evseevich always had a clear understanding of the state of space industry. And until the last days of his life Chertok tried to draw public attention to its problems.

Boris Chertok is the author and co-author of over 200 scientific papers the most of which were classified as secret for many years. Lenin Prize winner (1957) and USSR State Prize winner (1976), Hero of Socialist Labour (1961), corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1968), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2000). He was given many high state awards. He became widely known due to his memoirs Rockets and People in four volumes. His striking and creative longevity Chertok explained by the constant stress state associated with frequent off-nominal situations on the Earth and in space.

Boris Chertok died on December 14, 2011, not long before his centenary. He was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.



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October 14, 2017
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September 13, 2017
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