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Планета Королёва

RSC Energia: results of 2014 and tasks for the future

December 26, 2014

An enlarged Board of Directors meeting was held at S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, where the President of the Corporation V.L.Solntsev outlined the key results of work performed in 2014 and defined tasks for the upcoming year.

He noted that in the past year the company fulfilled the plan of work on its main project - the program of the International Space Station (ISS), including manufacturing and launching manned and logistics spacecraft Soyuz TMA-M and Progress M-M. Yet another production cycle in a series of activities on the new ISS modules has been completed. A next phase began in the development of the new-generation advanced transportation spacecraft, for which the publication of the working design documentation and manufacturing of mockups and flight models is upcoming.

In the area of unmanned spacecraft, the first satellite of the new generation of the optoelectronic Earth observation system was put into its low-Earth orbit, and the space and ground segments of this system were put into operation and handed over to a foreign customer, work continued on the development and production of satellites for optoelectronic observations and other purposes for Russian and foreign customers.

In the area of launch activities and launch systems, in May the Sea Launch system successfully launched a commercial spacecraft Eutelsat 3B. At present, this sea-going launch site is removed from operation, and various options for its further use are being studied.

On the whole, noted V.L. Solntsev, an analysis of the company's activities on various projects shows the need to increase the profitability of the projects and more strictly adhere to the requirements for documenting the completed project milestones and meeting the schedules. And the level of profit to be generated should be such as to allow carrying out a program of company's development and supporting a social program.

The Corporation President talked about the production plans for the next year. These include meeting Russia's commitments under the ISS program, further work on making new modules of the station with support for their launching in 2017-2019, on developing an advanced manned transportation system with the new-generation manned transportation spacecraft. The company is to further expand the work on development of unmanned spacecraft with improved, state-of-the-art performance. While doing this, the company is expected to significantly increase the amount of this work and its share within the overall volume of the company's production. Two upper stages of the Block DM type are to be used in launch missions under federal programs. Work continues on upgrading the upper stage of the Block DM type in order to further improve its operational features and performance assuring its competitive edge in space markets of the world and of our country. Exploratory studies will be conducted to look into the far future, including manned deep-space missions, unmanned space systems, launch vehicles and orbit-to-orbit transportation vehicles.

V.L. Solntsev urged "to show those achievements that already exist or are to appear in the next few years", noting that "the working style needs to be somewhat changed", to aim at achieving work milestones with excellent quality and earlier. He made a particular note of the fact that fulfilling the existing plans will require efficient operation of all the corporate subdivisions, the highest degree of dedication and responsibility from the people who do the work, detailed coordination with partners.

The President of the Corporation thanked the managers and staff of project-oriented and supporting subdivisions of the company. Special thanks went to those supporting subdivisions, which implement the personnel policy, the program of residential housing construction, social policy of the company. In 2015, the plans for these areas as well are no less ambitious. Their successful fulfillment is one of the facets of the expected future successes of the Corporation.

V.L. Solntsev congratulated the attendees and the entire staff and veterans of RSC Energia and its affiliates on the approaching New Year's holidays, and wished them robust health, high spirits, further creative successes, interesting and successful work, peace and prosperity in the new year.


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