ISS-66 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Anton Shkaplerov

Flight engineers:
Petr Dubrov
Tom Marshburn
Mark Vande Hei
Raja Chari
Kayla Barron
Matthias Maurer


Планета Королёва


Congratulations  on the Cosmonautics day!

Dear RSC Energia employees, veterans, our coworkers, partners, friends and like-minded persons!

April 12th, 1961 has become for ever the memorable day in the history of human civilization. That day opened the chronicle of manned space flights: manned satellite Vostok carrying our compatriot Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin onboard had performed the pioneer orbital flight around the globe. The space vehicle and its launch vehicle were built by the team of our enterprise (then OKB-1) under the guidance of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. OKB-1 developed and implemented the project in close cooperation with lots of enterprises and organizations belonging to national rocket and space industry, organizations within the Ministry of Defense and the Academy of Sciences.

The world's first man-in-space flight became the accomplishment of not only national science and technology, but also of the whole world civilization. The pioneer flight was successful mainly due to purposeful, coordinated, intense work performed by engineers, scientists, specialists, workers of a new rocket-space industry being established at that time. The team of our enterprise had a dominant role in this project and hence was primarily responsible for the project implementation. During all subsequent years, the team of our enterprise followed the school of advance rocket-space technology founders created by S.P. Korolev and contributed a lot to its development. That is why our enterprise, RSC Energia, bears his name.

The mankind continues to pursue the path of exploration and conquest of outer space through developing and improving space technologies, acquiring experience in long-duration human presence. And here an outstanding contribution of our enterprise team maintaining and augmenting its best traditions cannot be overemphasized. RSC Energia as the recognized world leader in cosmonautics ensures attaining objectives of primary importance to inhabitants of the Earth concerning space exploration and development, cognition of the mysteries of the Universe and gaining access to space resources. In so doing, all the above efforts are undertaken together with national and foreign enterprises and organizations.

For more than half a century of outer space exploration by mankind, our team had made a long renowned path from building and operational use of space vehicles Vostok, Voskhod to Soyuz, Buran space vehicles; from the first Salyut orbital stations to modern space stations; from the pioneer satellites, Earth observation and communication satellites (including "Molnia-1", "Zenit-2") and automatic interplanetary stations ("Luna", "Zond", "Venera", "Mars", etc.) to state-of-the art unmanned spacecraft and systems. Invaluable experience acquired by the team enables to implement unique technical and engineering projects among which is the ISS project as one of the most important ones.

Manned cosmonauts is major activity at RSC Energia. The Corporation is engaged in other activities too. They are related to building spacecraft, developing and implementing launch vehicles and orbit-to-orbit transportation projects, including sea-based Sea Launch Complex and a lot of other advanced developments. Based upon these technologies, non-space products are developed which comply with high world standards of quality.

Cosmonautics day is a professional holiday of our team observed not only as a national holiday for Russian people, but also worldwide.

We wish to congratulate all of you, all people of the Earth on this festive day! We sincerely thank You, the employees and veterans of the Corporation for your honest work. We are grateful to the teams of enterprises and organizations within our space industry and our foreign partners for their great contribution to implementing joint complex space programs. Many sincere thanks to everybody who takes part in and provides support as much as he can for solving problems arising in the process of joint programs and projects implementation.

We wish all veterans and employees from our enterprise, veterans and employees of our industry, our coworkers, partners - all who blazed a trail into space and continues to do so-good health, achievement of new creative successes, happiness and well-being, as well as witness many other new achievements in cosmonautics!

RSC Energia Management, trade-union
committee and Council of veterans





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