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February 28, 2013
RSC Energia and Astrium expand their cooperation in space

RSC Energia and Astrium expand their cooperation in the field of space activities in various ways, including the establishment of a joint venture "Energia - Satellite Technologies ", launched in January 2013.

Heads of RSC Energia, Astruium, and the joint venture Energia SAT Vitaliy Lopota, Francois Auque and Vladimir Terekhov signed, in the presence of Presidents of the Russian Federation and France, the Licensing Agreement on the Joint Use of Technologies. The Agreement lays down the ground rules for exchanging and using technologies and know-how in manufacturing and testing spacecraft for various applications. Introduction of joint innovative designs in this field is aimed at producing and delivering high-quality products to the existing and developing markets of space products and services.


For information:

  1. RSC Energia is an internationally recognized leader in space exploration, manned spaceflight and unmanned spacecraft.
    The Corporation laid the foundation for rocket technology in our country, made possible Man's entry into space and development of our country's rocket and space technology and space flight.
    With the company playing the leading role, our country's first ballistic missiles of various types were developed, including the intercontinental missile R-7, which became the basis for the design of the first space launch vehicle (LV) Sputnik and all its subsequent modifications, including the current Soyuz LV, the most reliable launch vehicle in the world.
    Major programs: International Space Station, vehicles for orbital insertion and orbit-to-orbit transportation, including the sea-based launch system Sea Launch and current modifications of the upper stages of Block DM type for delivery of various customer's spacecraft (SC) to their target orbits; unmanned space systems; advanced manned transportation system with a new-generation spacecraft; transportation-and-power module with megawatt-class power unit; interplanetary infrastructure.
  2. Astrium is Europe's first and world's third space technology company. It is a global company, which provides a full range of civilian and defense space systems, equipment and services. The company has three divisions: Astrium Space Transportation is the leading European contractor for launches, orbital systems and space exploration; Astrium Satellites is the leading supplier of satellite systems, including unmanned spacecraft, ground segment, payloads and equipment; Astrium Services is a partner for providing space services all over the world, including satellite communications hardware and commercial and special-purpose computer networks, as well as individual geoinformation services.


During signing of the agreement. During signing of the agreement.

The pictures are a freeze-frame from the broadcast shown on Russia 24 TV channel.



April 9, 2020
The launch of LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Soyuz MS-15 is planned
December 6, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Progress MS-13 is launched



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