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October 15, 2012.
RSC Energia relocates stand mockup of reusable space vehicle Buran

Within the program of RSC Energia technological modernization aimed at bringing the manufacturing facility up-to-date and increasing volumes of works being performed under contracts concluded with different customers, stand mockup of reusable orbiter Buran was relocated from checkout and test facility (room for factory integrated tests and final assembly of articles intended for human space flights) to an area adjacent to the checkout and test facility building.

In August 1983 full-scale mockup of the orbiter airframe was delivered to RSC Energia (then - NPO Energia) as the leading organization for the orbiter Buran with the aim to resupply the Orbiter integrated stand (IS-O) designed for integrated tests of space vehicle electrical circuit with pneudraulic systems involved, including development testing of the Orbiter onboard systems during simulation of nominal operating modes and design off-nominal situations, as well as for checkout of electrical connections between the Orbiter analog and launch vehicle (LV) equivalent, testing of software, processing and launch modes; operational documentation; training of specialists taking part in space vehicle processing and flight tests.

In order to transfer the IS-O from the Checkout and Test facility to the territory, a package of works has been performed, including dismantling of the airframe and some of the Orbiter systems; opening in the Checkout and Test Facility building wall was broadened to let the fuselage pass; some rigging and transportation operations were carried and using special-purpose equipment for large-tonnage bulky goods.

Subsequently, after completion of the required scope of works on the IS-O deactivation, it will be installed at special site on RSC Energia's premises.


For reference:

  1. During 1974-1992, NPO Energia (RSC Energia today) headed the activities under the project of national reusable space system Buran (Energia-Buran), including its LV Energia and reusable Orbiter Buran as a whole.
  2. In March 1984 electrical tests on the IS-O were initiated. They continued in the round-the-clock mode 1600 days without days of rest. Highly efficient operations with the IS-O were ensured by a high level of automation of tests (about 80% of a total volume of works). The stand was of primary importance to ensuring safety and reduction in the Buran Orbiter ground prelaunch processing period; decrease in material resources required to build this space vehicle.


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