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Akihiko Hoshide

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Оleg Novitskiy
Petr Dubrov
Mark Vande Hei
Robert Shane Kimbrough
Megan McArthur
Tomas Pesquet


Планета Королёва


January 24, 2012.
RSC Energia is an active participant of the opened today the XXXVIth Academic readings devoted to cosmonautics

S.P. Korolev Rocket-Space Corporation Energia takes an active part in the XXXVIth Academic readings devoted to cosmonautics.

A.A. Alexandrov, the rector of MGTU after N.E. Bauman, opened the Academic readings event. Welcoming the forum participants, he emphasized its significance for urgent scientific and technical information exchange in the field of rocket-space technology; an impartial analysis of its development history and framing concepts of new cosmonautics objectives, as well as for promoting activities in this area; training of scientific and technical personnel for cosmonautics.

As one of the Forum Organizing Committee leaders, the RAS academician V.P. Legostaev, the Chairman of the Corporation Scientific-Technical Board, the first Deputy General Designer of RSC Energia, presided over the plenary meeting. Appreciating the importance of the Readings being conducted and emphasizing an extended range of directions and subjects covered by the Readings, he wished the participants new successes and creative achievements.

The Forum participants rose and observed a minute of silence in memory of the prominent Russian scientists and specialists who worked in the field of rocket-space technology and cosmonautics and had passed away within the period of time after the previous Readings, including the RAS academician B.Y. Chertok, the associate of S.P. Korolev, the Chairman of the Readings Organizing Committee.

The Readings participants were welcomed by A.G. Milovanov, the Chief Academic Secretary of Roscosmos STB, on behalf of Roscosmos Head V.A. Popovkin.

The participants took a keen interest in the report on automatic spacecraft developed at NPO after S.A. Lavochkin which was delivered by V.V. Khartov, the enterprise head.

Doctor of Sciences V.M. Filin familiarized the audience with RSC Energia (then - NPO Energia) activities connected with super-heavy launch vehicle Energia, because in 2012 the 25th anniversary of its pioneer test flight was marked. V.M. Filin is one of the project managers who worked on this launch vehicle. Emphasizing great contribution of the heads, scientists and specialists of different industry-wide enterprises and organizations and many national departments to implementing the program of reusable space system Buran; to the projects aimed to build its components, including launch vehicle Energia and orbiter Buran; he expounded on the problems of building unique launch vehicle; challenging tasks and ingenious design solutions embodied in its project.

At the plenary meeting, presentation of the fourth volume of the B.Y. Chertok's book "Rockets and People" published in the USA in English in collaboration with NASA, was made. This publication was presented by NASA's chief historian B. Berry.

Distinguished scientists, employees, veterans of Russian and foreign enterprises and organizations involved in cosmonautics, N.S. Koroleva, the daughter of academician S.P. Korolev, cosmonauts, young scientists, students and postgraduate students of higher educational establishments preparing specialists for Russian space industry take part in the Academic readings activities.


 For reference:

  1. The XXXVIth Academic readings organized to revere the memory of academician S.P. Korolev, his associates and companions, the outstanding national scientists-pioneers in space exploration, are conducted from January 24 to January 27 this year and foresee plenary and section meetings within 20 subject matter sections, as well as one round-table meeting.
  2. Plenary meeting and meetings within 18 of the 20 sections are foreseen in the House of Culture and lecture halls of the technical-laboratory building of MGTU after N.E. Bauman. Sections 11, 18 will operate at the House of Culture after S.P. Gorbunov and conference hall at NPO after S.A. Lavochkin.
  3. Section 1 "Study of Scientific Work of Space Exploration Pioneers" of the Readings is led by B.A. Sokolov, Doctor of Sciences, the adviser to RSC Energia President; Section 13 "Ballistics, Aerodynamics of Flight Vehicles and Space Flight Control" is led by the first Deputy General Designer of the Corporation, the RAS corresponding member V.A. Solovyov; Section 17 "Spacecraft and complexes Control Systems" is led by the RAS academician Y.A. Mikrin, the first Deputy of RSC Energia General Designer.
  4. At the House of Culture of MGTU after N.E. Bauman where the Readings plenary meeting took place, photographic stand devoted to the RAS academician B.Y. Chertok was placed.


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