Sea Launch Project

Constituent Parts of the System

Integrated Launch Vehicle Zenit-3SL

Integrated Launch Vehicle (ILV) Zenit-3SL consists of: launch vehicle Zenit-2S, upper stage Block DM-SL, and Payload Unit containing a spacecraft. The developers and manufacturers of Zenit-2S launch vehicle are Design Bureau Yuzhnoye and Production Association Yuzhmashzavod (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine). Upper stage Block DM-SL was developed and is mass-produced by S.P.Korolev RSC Energia (Korolev, Moscow region, Russia) in cooperation with Russian companies. Development of the payload unit, which includes payload fairing and structural adapters connecting spacecraft to the upper stage, is the responsibility of Boeing Commercial Space Company (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Integrated Launch Vehicle Zenit-3SL is a state-of-the-art launcher featuring operational simplicity and full automation of pre-launch processing and launch. It operates on liquid oxygen and kerosene, producing water and carbon dioxide as combustion products. This makes it environmentally safe. It has been modified to adapt it to sea launch conditions.

ILV Zenit-3SL was developed on the basis of Zenit-2 launch vehicle and upper stage Block DM, that have been in service for some time, which assures high flight reliability even during its first launches.

Basic perfomances

Launch mass of the integrated launch vehicle, tons
Launch vehicle Zenit-2S
Upper stage Block DM-SL (with adapters)
Payload unit (with spacecraft mass of 5 tons)



Propellant components

liquid oxygen + kerosene

Number of stages

2 + upper stage Block DM-SL

Stage I
Stage II
Upper stage Block DM-SL

1 engine RD-171

1 engine RD-120
1 engine RD-8
1 engine 11D58M

The length of the integrated launch vehicle, m


Diameter of the payload unit, m


The length of payload unit, m



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