Sea Launch Project

Project participants

Sea Launch, its subcontractors and suppliers and their operational contributions:

  • Sea Launch AG - is a leading provider of heavylift launch services based on the venerable Zenit launch system. Sea Launch AG provides strategic endtoend launch solutions to the industrys satellite operator community. These services include the provision of allinclusive launch services as well as schedule assurance, financing, risk management; insurance and creative contracting solutions to meet the changing demands of the commercial launch market.

    From its headquarters located in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland, Sea Launch AG provides a customerfacing interface for the Sea Launch Zenit3SL launch system. With an objective of providing an industryleading launch experience for all of its customers, Sea Launch AG has a highly experienced group of executives and personnel to support these activities, with expertise in executive management, strategic planning, finance, contracting, legal, sales, marketing, communications and customer relations.

    Sea Launch AG owns and manages the primary technology, patent and other intellectual property and tangible assets of the company. These include the Odyssey Launch Platform and the Sea Launch Commander vessels located in the Home Port facility in Long Beach, California, and the unique knowhow associated with launching satellites from an oceanbased launch platform located directly on the equator.

    Sea Launch AG contracts directly and exclusively with Energia Logistics Ltd. as its technical partner for the delivery and execution of Sea Launch Zenit3SL launch services.

  • Energia Logistics Ltd. (ELUS) Responsible for implementation of ordered launch service including ordering and payment of all flight hardware. ELUS provides overall Mission Assurance and Systems Engineering oversight and verification including configuration control of flight hardware and software.

  • Energia Logistics L.L.C. (ELRF) Acts as the agent for the purchase and sales of Block DM-SL and Zenit 2-S flight hardware between ELUS and its subcontractors. ELUF provides for regular factory insight and oversight of flight hardware fabrication and assembly at subcontractor and sub-tier supplier facilities. Manages financial transactions between ELUS and subcontractors and monitors payments to sub-tier suppliers. ELRFcontracts for the transportation of flight hardware to Home Port.

  • RSC Energia is responsible for fabrication and assembly of the Block DM-SL, the overall launch operations of the rocket segment at Home Port, lead integrator for payload integration, mission analysis (PIMA) and the monitoring of related subcontractors performance to schedule and providing technical services to ELRF.

  • Boeing Commercial Space Company (BCSC) Boeing, is responsible for the Payload Accommodations (PLA) hardware and the PLA system integration and operation. Boeing provides analytical support to ELUS for payload integration, mission analysis (PIMA), top-level launch planning functions, translation services, and marketing support for customers.

  • PO Yuzhmash is responsible for fabrication and assembly of Zenit-2S, monitoring of related sub-tier supplier performance to schedule.

  • Yuzhnoye SDO - Zenit-2S design and operations, engineering services and mission design.


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