Sea Launch Project

Constituent Parts of the System

Launch Platform Odyssey

A self-propelled semi-submersible, catamaran-type, Launch Platform (LP) Odyssey is a floating rocket launch system. The platform is based on an off-shore oil drilling rig and was built at Rosenberg shipyard (Stavanger, Norway). It is equipped with a launch pad, a launch vehicle erector, systems for filling with propellant components, and other systems that support the integrated launch vehicle pre-launch processing and launch. The installation of the rocket systems, launching and support equipment was performed at the Kvaerner-Vyborg shipyard at Vyborg (Russia).

The platform has a hangar, inside which a launch vehicle Zenit-3SL integrated with the payload is transported to the launch site. The hangar has an air conditioning system which operates throughout the entire transit period. There is a special transporter/erector to roll the launch vehicle out of the hangar and erect it on the launch pad. There are rooms equipped for propellant component storage (kerosene and liquid oxygen). A remotely-controlled rocket fuelling system and an automatic launch system allow to conduct pre-launch operations without any persons present on board the platform.

LP can accommodate 68 persons of crew and launch support personnel.The accommodations include living quarters, a canteen, and an ambulance room.

The home port of the launch platform is Long Beach port located in south-western US (California).

The vessel arrived from Europe to the Home Port under its own power by way of Gibraltar, Suez channel and Singapore.

Basic perfomances
Displacement, ton:
  • In transit
  • Semi-submerged


Length, m:

  • By pontoons
  • By the deck


Width (by deck), m


Main deck elevation, m


Height (up to the helipad), m


Speed, knots

up to 12

Draft, m:

  • In transit
  • Semi-submerged

Electrical power available from the generator plant, kW

Rocket segment systems on the launch platform:

  • A suite of support equipment and systems for pre-launch processing and launch, including:
    • Erector,
    • launch pad,
    • cable tower,
    • oxidizer and fuel filling systems,
    • compressed gas supply system,
    • system for supplying nitrogen, etc.,
    • thermostatting system,
  • complex of automated control systems for processing operations,
  • launch measurement complex.


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