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Intelsat-27 Launch

Intelsat-27 is a 6215 kg communications satellite built by Boeing Satellite Systems Incorporated (BSSI) around the 702 Medium Power (MP) satellite bus.

The Intelsat-27 mission was prepared at the Home Port from December 14 to January 15, 2013.
LV Zenit-2S No. SL36 and Block DM-SL No. 35L were used to launch the Intelsat-27 SC.

Chronology of activities

December 14, 2012 - January 15, 2013

Home Port activities:

  • Mating rocket stages of the Zenit-2SL LV No.SL36;
  • LV Zenit-2S No. SL36 electropneumatic tests;
  • LV Zenit-2S No. SL36 integrated tests under the injection program;
  • Block DM-SL No. 35L electropneumatic tests;
  • Block DM-SL No. 35L integrated tests under the injection program;
  • Filling of Block DM-SL No. 35L with kerosine, NT and UDMH and gases;
  • Integrated rehearsal #1 with the off-nominal situation simulation during the processing;
  • SC processing activities;
  • SC filling;
  • Rocket Segment systems and equipment processing;
  • OSC of processing equipment complex and pre-launch processing system under the control of LP ACC;
  • Loading propellant components and compressed gases into ships. Kerosine preparation operations;
  • ILV assembly and testing;
  • ILV reloading from ACS to LP;
  • ILV dry roll-out (installation on the launch pad and critical launch readiness checklist).


January 15 - 27, 2013

Launch Platform and Assembly/Command Ship passage to the launch area. Activities in the sea passage phase:

  • Integrated rehearsal No. 2 with the ONS simulation during the processing;
  • Integrated rehearsal No. 3 with comprehensive involvement of all the personnel and practically all standard and borrowed launch support and flight tracking facilities;
  • Daily parameter control of Block DM-SL;
  • Status monitoring and daily maintenance of RS systems during the sea passage.
January 27 - February 1, 2013

Launch site activities:

  • Transfer of the Rocket Segment systems and equipment from the state of readiness for the sea passage to the state of readiness for ILV PLP and launch;
  • Assessment of oceanographic conditions;
  • ILV preparation for roll-out and erection on the launch pad;
  • US processing (within ILV);
  • Operations for LP LMC transfer to readiness for the sensor data acquisition and transmission during the launch operations;
  • Integrated checks of the Upper Stage automated flight control system;
  • OSC of processing equipment complex (PEC) and pre-launch processing systems (PLPS) under the control of LP ACC;
  • Kerosine preparation for ILV filling;
  • Search for the Launch Platform optimal orientation;
  • Bringing the launch platform in the launch position;
  • Bringing the assembly and command ship in the launch position;
  • ILV roll-out and erection on the launch pad;
  • ILV electrical checks;
  • Critical launch readiness checklist;
  • SC and PLU launch rehearsal;
  • Checks of communication channels;
  • Personnel evacuation from LP to ACS;
  • PLP including ILV fueling.
February 1, 2013

At 10 hr 55 min 59 sec, Moscow Time (at 22 hr 55 min 59 sec on January 31, 2013, Pacific Daylight Time) ILV Zenit-3SL No. SL36 with Intelsat-27 spacecraft was launched. 1st stage main engine emergency shutdown 24 seconds into the flight.

February 1 - 2, 2013
  • Bringing the equipment in the initial state after ILV launch;
  • Return of the "red team" onboard the LP and the incoming inspection of the launch platform;
  • Bringing the equipment in the state of readiness to the sea passage.
February 2 - 16, 2013

The launch platform and the assembly/command ship passage from the launch area to the Home Port.

A commision has been set up to investigate the causes of the failure

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