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SICRAL 1B Launch

SICRAL 1B mission was prepared from November 27, 2008 till April 2, 2009 at Home Port. During the period between December 11, 2008 and March 11, 2009 the spacecraft processing delay was announced for three times due to the SC SICRAL 1B specific equipment failure and necessity of its delivery to the manufacturing plant (Milan, Italy) for repair, as well as due to the onboard battery failure and its repair at Home Port.

LV Zenit-2S #SL30 and Block DM-SL #30L were used to launch the SC SICRAL 1B.


March 12 April 2, 2009

Home Port activities:

  • Electric tests of DM-SL #30L (repeated);
  • Filling of DM-SL #30L with kerosene;
  • Tests of LV Zenit-2S #30L (repeated);
  • SC processing activity;
  • ILV assembly and testing;
  • ILV "dry roll-out" (installation on the launch pad and critical launch readiness checklist);
  • Loading propellant components and compressed gases into ships.

April 2 15,

Launch Platform and Assembly/Command Ship passage to the launch site. Activities in the sea passage phase:

  • Integrated rehearsal #2 with the ONS simulation during the processing;
  • Integrated rehearsal #3 with comprehensive involvement of all the personnel and practically all standard and borrowed launch support and flight tracking facilities.
April 15 19,

Launch site activities:

  • Making of the Rocket Segment systems ready for the launch site activities;
  • ILV processing;
  • Upper Stage (as a part of ILV) processing;
  • Launch measurement system activities;
  • Integrated tests of the Upper Stage automated flight control system;
  • ILV preparation for roll-out to the launch pad;
  • Bringing the launch platform into the launch position;
  • Bringing the assembly/ command ship into the launch position;
  • ILV roll-out and erection on the launch pad;
  • SC fairing scheduled access activities;
  • ILV erection on the launch pad;
  • ILV electrical checks;
  • Critical launch readiness checklist;
  • Operations with SC and PLU after performing protective operations in ILV;
  • Testing communication channels.
April 20, 2009

At 12:16 pm Moscow Time (at 01:16 am PST) ILV Zenit-3SL #SL30 with the SC SICRAL 1B was launched. All flight operations were performed nominally.

April 21, 2009

After performing final operations the ships headed for the Home Port.


The spacecraft SICRAL 1B has been injected into the target orbit:

Perigee altitude,
Apogee altitude,

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