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KoreaSat-5 Launch

Preparations for the KoreaSat 5 mission started in June 2006 immediately upon return of the vessels to the Home Port after a successful launch of Galaxy 16. Getting readied for the KoreaSat 5 launch were the launch vehicle Zenit-2S SL23 and upper stage DM-SL 23. Preprocessed as donors were the launch vehicle Zenit-2S SL22 and upper stage DM-SL 24L.


June 26 August 6, 2006

Home Port activities:

  • Tests on LV Zenit-2S SL23;
  • Work on LV Zenit-2S SL22 (donor);
  • Tests, filling the upper stage DM-SL 23 with high-boiling propellants;
  • Work on the upper stage DM-SL 24 (donor);
  • The spacecraft processing;
  • Checkout tests of the erector carrying an ILV dimension/mass mockup;
  • Integrated rehearsal #1 with simulations of processing contingencies;
  • ILV integration and tests;
  • ILV dry roll-out (installation on the launch pad and critical launch readiness checklist);
  • Loading propellant components and compressed gases onto the vessels.
August 6-18, 2006

Sea transit of the launch platform and the assembly and command ship to the launch site. Activities during sea transit:

  • Integrated rehearsal 2;
  • Integrated rehearsal 3 with comprehensive involvement of all the personnel and virtually all the standard and borrowed launch support and tracking assets.
August 18-21, 2006

Launch site activities:

  • Getting rocket segment systems ready for the launch site activities;
  • ILV processing;
  • Launch measurement system activities;
  • Integrated tests of the upper stage automated flight control system;
  • Preparing ILV for the roll-out;
  • Bringing the launch platform into the launch position;
  • Bringing the assembly and command ship into the launch position;
  • ILV roll-out and erection on the launch pad;
  • ILV electrical checkout;
  • critical launch readiness checklist;
  • operations with SC and PLU after performing protective operations on the ILV;
  • a test of communications links;
August 22, 2006

At 7 hours 27 min Moscow Time (August 21, 2006 at 08:27 P.M. Pacific Time) ILV Zenit-3SL SL23 carrying KoreaSat 5 spacecraft was launched.
All the flight operations have been completed normally with minimal deviations from the schedule. The spacecraft has been put into its target orbit.
After completing final operations, the vessels set out for the Home Port.


The KoreaSat 5 spacecraft has been injected into the calculated orbit:

Perigee altitude,
Apogee altitude,

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