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Galaxy 16 Launch

The Galaxy 16 mission preparation began in May 2006 upon successful completion of operations for the JCSat-9 mission.
Zenit-2S LV SL20 and Block DM-SL 21L were used to launch the Galaxy 16 SC. It was proposed to provide the preliminary processing of Zenit-2S LV SL23 and Block DM-SL 23L as donors.


May June 2006

Operations at the Home Port:

  • Tests of Zenit-2S LV SL20;
  • Operations for Zenit-2S LV SL23 (donor);
  • Tests of Block DM-SL 21L;
  • ILV assembly and testing;
  • Operations for SC;
  • Integrated rehearsal 1 was conducted;
  • Rocket Segment check with ILV "dry roll-out".

June 4-13, 2006

Assembly/Command Ship (ACS) and Launch Platform (LP) passage to the launch area.
Operations in the sea passage phase:

  • Integrated rehearsal 2 involving all Sea Launch Segments and organizations. In the course of the rehearsal during the ILV prelaunch processing and launch off-nominal situations were simulated;
  • Integrated rehearsal 3 involving all Sea Launch Segments and organizations with support of MCC (Korolev). During the rehearsal nominal prelaunch processing and launch of the Integrated Launch Vehicle were simulated.
June 14-18, 2006

Operations in the launch area:

  • Making the Rocket Segment systems ready for operations in the launch area
  • ILV processing;
  • Operations at the Launch Measurement Complex;
  • Integrated checks of the US automated flight control system;
  • ILV preparation for roll-out to the launch pad;
  • Launch Platform orientation to the launch position;
  • Assembly Command Ship passage to the launch area;
  • ILV roll-out and installation on the launch pad;
  • PLU autonomous checks;
  • ILV electrical checks;
  • Critical Launch Readiness Checklist mode execution.
June 18, 2006

The launch was performed from the Odissey Launch Platform at 11 hr. 50 min Moscow time (at 00 hr. 50 min Pacific standard time). The Galaxy 16 spacecraft was injected into the calculated orbit.
Upon completion of postflight operations LP and ACS left the launch area and headed for the Home Port.


The Galaxy 16 spacecraft has been injected into the calculated orbit:

Perigee altitude,
Apogee altitude,

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