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Inmarsat-4 Launch

The Inmarsat-4 mission preparation began in September 2005 even before the completion of operations on annual maintenance of the Rocket Segment systems and equipment. The use of Zenit-2S LV SL19 and Block DM-SL 20L was planned to launch the Inmarsat-4 SC.


September 5 October 24, 2005

Activities at the Home Port:

  • Rocket Segment systems and equipment processing for activities at the Home Port and in the launch area;
  • Block DM-SL 20L processing, testing and fueling;
  • Zenit-2S LV SL19 processing and testing;
  • Block DM-SL 14L (donor US) processing and testing;
  • Zenit-2S LV SL15 (donor LV) processing and testing;
  • Assembly and testing of ILV as a part of Zenit-2S LV SL19, Block DM-SL 20L and PLU with the Inmarsat-4 SC;
  • Block DM-SL 14L is transferred to the storage mode on ACS;
  • Check of the Rocket Segment with ILV dry roll-out.
October 25-31, 2005

ACS and LP passage to the launch area. Activities in the sea passage phase:

  • system and assembly parameter monitoring on LP and ACS;
  • ntegrated demonstration tests on ACS with involvement of all the Sea Launch Segments and structures.
November 1, 2005

ACS and LP arrival in the launch area.

November 2-7, 2005

Activities in the launch area:

  • equipment prelaunch maintenance;
  • Rocket Segment systems bringing to readiness for activities in the launch area;
  • ILV processing;
  • processing of the Upper Stage (as a part of ILV);
  • ILV roll-out and its installation on the launch pad;
  • ILV electrical checks and provision of critical launch readiness checklist, results analysis.
November 8, 2005
  • ILV prelaunch processing and launch;
  • communication sessions with US;
  • systems and assemblies bringing to the initial state.
November 8, 2005

At 17h 07 min, Moscow time (06h 07 min, Pacific standard time) a launch was performed from the Odissey launch platform. The Inmarsat-4 spacecraft was injected into the calculated orbit.

Postfligth operations, a start of passage to the Home Port.


The Inmarsat-4 spacecraft was injected into the calculated orbit:

Perigee altitude,
Apogee altitude,

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