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Galaxy-XIII/Horisons-1 Launch

Upon the successful orbital insertion of EchoStar-IX SC, activities started in the Home Port to prepare for launch the SC Galaxy-XIII/Horizions-1.
Galaxy-XIII/Horizions-1 was built by Boeing Satellite Systems based on 601HP bus and its mass is 4090 kg. The SC is intended to provide digital data transmission services, including video and Internet for the areas of North and Central America, Alaska and Hawaii. Intended for its launch were LV Zenit-2S No.13 and upper stage DM-SL No.12L, used as "donors" during pre-launch processing were LV Zenit-2S No.12 and upper stage DM-SL No.9L.


August 15-17, 2003

Arrival of the Assembly and Command Ship (ACS) to the Home Port pier. Start of activities on the Galaxy-XIII mission. Preparatory work on the Rocket Segment systems and equipment.Transfer of the Zenit-2S No.13 rocket stages from the Home Port hangar to ACS. Launch Platform (LP) sea transit to Home Port continues.

August 18-24, 2003

Test operations with upper stage DM-SL #12L on-board ACS (protective operations, test activation of the on-board systems. Assembling LV Zenit-2S #13 and preparing it for tests. Tests of LV Zenit-2S #12 ("Donor" LV) on-board ACS. Upper stage DM-SL #9L intended for the next mission is loaded on ACS and installed onto a storage stand. Processing activities on the rocket segment systems and hardware. Delivery of Galaxy-XIII SC to the Home Port. Sea Launch conducts a system readiness review for the Galaxy-XIII mission.LP arrival at the Home Port pier.

August 25-31, 2003

Tests of the Upper stage DM-SL #12L on-board ACS (integrated tests according to the orbital insertion program, leak tests). Filling the upper stage DM-SL #12L with propellant components and compressed gases. Preparations for tests of the upper stage DM-SL #9L on-board ACS. Tests of LV Zenit-2S #13. Continuation of work to prepare the rocket segment systems and equipment. Loading SC Galaxy-XIII with the rocket propellant components, conducting stand-alone operations with PLU.

September 1-7, 2003

Filling upper stage DM-SL #12L with propellant components and compressed gases. Mating upper stage DM-SL #9 with LV Zenit-2S #13 on-board ACS (protective operations, test activations of the on-board systems). Tests of the Zenit-2S #12 LV.

September 8-14, 2003

Transfer of PLU with SC Galaxy-XIII to ACS, conducting operations to mate PLU with upper stage DM-SL #12L. Transfer of ILV Zenit-3SL #SL13 from ACS to LP. "Dry" roll-out of the ILV to the launch pad, running a test launch readiness poll.Placing ILV into the LP hangar upon completion of the operations.Continued tests on upper stage DM-SL #9L on-board ACS.

September 12, 2003

Conducting a review of the launcher system subsystems and hardware readiness for sailing out to the launch site.

September 16, 2003

LP sailing out from the Home Port to the launch site.

September 19, 2003

ACS sailing out from the Home Port to launch site.

September 16-26, 2003

ACS and LP sea transit to the launch site. Conducting integrated pre-launch processing rehearsals with support from MCC in Korolev.

September 27, 2003

"Zero" launch day activities on the launch segment.

September 28, 2003

First launch day activities: readying the rocket segment systems for launch site operations, ILV processing. Review of the Sea Launch system readiness for launch site operations and launch of ILV Zenit-3SL No.SL13 with Galaxy-XIII SC.

September 29, 2003

Activities of the second launch day: bringing LP orientation into the launch position, moving ACS into its nominal position relative to the LP, ILV roll-out to the launch pad, test run of the launch readiness poll.

September 30, 2003

Activities of the third launch day (Pacific Daylight Saving Time):

  • 12:15-13:40 launch crew delivery to the LP by helicopter;
  • 14:00 evacuation from LP by helicopter of the personnel not involved in the launch operations;
  • 15:03:24 implementation of the "L-6 hours" command;
  • 16:03:00 implementation of the "Program start" command; start of the actual run of the launch readiness poll and ILV fuelling;
  • 17:40 final evacuation by helicopter from the LP of the rocket segment and maritime segment personnel;
  • evacuation of the "Red Team" from the LP;
  • 21:02:59,178 Lift-Off signal received.
October 1, 2003

At 04 hrs 02 min 59.178 sec GMT (08 hrs 02 min 59.178 sec Moscow Time) the eleventh launch from the Odyssey launch platform under the Sea Launch program was accomplished. SC insertion into its target geotransfer orbit from an intermediate orbit established by the two-stage LV Zenit 2-S was performed by upper stage DM-SL using a mission profile involving two burns of the main engine. The first burn, performed ~10 seconds after the orbital module (OM), consisting of the upper stage and spacecraft, separated from the LV, raised the OM to a reference near-circular orbit. The second burn, performed 30 minutes after completion of the first burn, assured the SC delivery to its target geotransfer orbit. At 05 hrs 03 min 8,4 sec SC separation was detected, and 6 minutes after that reception of signal from SC was confirmed. Spacecraft Galaxy-XIII was inserted into its target orbit.The upper stage performed a maneuver taking it to a storage orbit and safing it.

Post-launch operations on LP and ACS. Start of ACS and LP sea transit to the Home Port.


Spacecraft Galaxy-XIII has been put into its target geotransfer orbit:

Perigee altitude,
Apogee altitude,

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