Land Launch Project

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Technical Complexes and Fueling Station

Technical Complex for the Zenit TM LV/ILV Processing

The Zenit TM technical complex includes LV assembly & testing facilities envisaged for LV stages reception, storage, servicing, autonomous assembly and testing; LV mating with the Ascent Unit with formation of the Integrated Launch Vehicle; ILV integrated electrical tests and its loading to the transporter-erector before roll-out to the launch complex for launch.

Main Characteristics of the Zenit TM Technical Complex

Factor name Value
  Number of work stations at ATF
  Maximum production rate
  (number of ILV prepared for launch), pc/year
up to 12
  Duration of the Zenit-3SLB assembly and processing, days
~ 35
  Number of bridge cranes at ATF, pcs
  Bridge crane load-carrying capacity, t
  Periodicity of maintenance
once a year
  Clean room for AU processing its mating with LV
  Class of air cleanliness in rooms 1 and clean chamber
  per USA FS (GOST 5076-95)

Technical Complex for US Processing

The technical complex for the Upper Stage processing is envisaged for storage, autonomous preparation and verification of Block DM-SLB before its delivery to the fueling station.

Technical Complex for SC/AU Processing and Fueling Station

The technical complex and fueling station are intended for SC processing, US and SC fueling, pressurization, pyros preparation and AU assembly.

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