Land Launch Project

Injection Profile

Launch Area

The Zenit-3SLB launch complex is located on the Baikonur cosmodrome territory in Kazakhstan and has the following geographical coordinates: 63 EL and 46 NL. When launching from this complex the baselines are used which are determined by limitations on flyover the different territories and allocated drop area of parts separated.

Flight Route

  1. Launch point
  2. LV stages I and II Active flight phase
  3. 1-st burn of Block DM-SLB (Injection into reference orbit)
  4. 2-nd burn of Block DM-SLB (Injection into transfer orbit)
  5. 3-rd burn of Block DM-SLB (Injection into target orbit)
  6. SC separation

Typical Injection Profile

The typical profile of spacecraft injection into GTO by the Zenit-3SLB ILV includes several flight operations:

  • injection into intermediate orbit;
  • injection into reference orbit;
  • injection into transfer orbit;
  • injection into target orbit;
  • spacecraft separation;
  • upper stage pull away to the storage orbit.

LV two stages provide the orbital block injection into the open orbit with negative perigee; by three burns of the Upper Stage main engine the spacecraft is injected into the given target orbit. Upon spacecraft separation the Upper Stage is pulled away to the storage orbit where the propellant and gas residuals were released from it.

During the flight telemetry data is transmitted to the Russian ground measurement stations. TM-data reception in real time with US main engine second burn is provided by the mobile measurement station developed by RSC Energia, located in Abidjan, Kot-d'Vuar Republic.

Flight Route

  1. ILV launch
  2. Maximum axial g-loads
  3. LV stage I separation
  4. PLF doors jettison
  5. LV stage II separation. OB flight in the intermediate orbit
  6. MA jettison Block DM-SLB ME 1-st burn
  7. OB flight in reference orbit OB pointing to the Sun in compliance with Customer requirements. OB spin relative to OB longitudinal axis
  8. Block DM-SLB ME 2-nd burn
  9. Block DM-SLB ME 3-rd burn
  10. OB flight in target orbit SC separation
  11. OB pull away to storage orbit
  12. OB flight in transfer orbit. OB pointing to the Sun in compliance with Customer requirements. OB spin relative to OB longitudinal axis
  13. LV stage I drop area
  14. PLF doors drop area
  15. LV stage II and LP drop area

SC Injection Ballistic Profile

  1. LV flight phase
  2. Intermediate orbit
  3. US ME 1-st burn
  4. Reference orbit
  5. US ME 2-nd burn
  6. Transfer orbit
  7. US ME 3-rd burn
  8. Target orbit
  9. SC separation
  10. US pull away to the storage orbit
  11. Geo-stationary orbit

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