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The Zenit-SM Launch Complex

The launch complex is intended to launch the Zenit-3SLB, Zenit-2SLB and provides the ILV installation on the launch pad, full kit of prelaunch processing, propellant loading, prelaunch processing and launch of ILV assembled.

The launch complex includes the launch facilities and the command station.

The launch facilities are intended for accommodation of the launch and other processing equipment (including SC electrical ground support equipment) used for launch operations.

The command station facilities are envisaged for accommodation of the ground equipment serviced during the launch operations and also for accommodation of the personnel directly participating in ILV prelaunch processing and launch including SC Customer representatives.

The main advantage of the launch complex is completely automated processing of the launch vehicle without participation of the service personnel. A high level of prelaunch and launch operations automation assures high reliability, quality and safety of operations with the minimum number of the service personnel. The important advantage is the lack of components to be replaced after launch that allows to reduce the number of post-launch operations and decrease the time of processing for the next launch significantly.

Main Characteristics of the Launch Complex

Factor name Value
Number of launching devices
Number of launches per year
up to 12
Launch time of ILV prepared, days
up to 3
Relaunch time after launch cancellation of ILV loaded, days
not less
than in 3
Duration of unloaded ILV staying on LD, days
Launch timeline duration, hr
Continuity of AU thermostatting from ILV roll-out of the assembly & testing facilities to ILV launch or return to ATF (in case of launch cancellation)
Maximum reserve of propellant components and compressed gases
for 2 launches
Periodicity of maintenance
once a year
Operations at LC limited by weather conditions:
  • ambient temperature when working at LC,
  • ambient temperature when launching ILV,
  • wind velocity in near-earth layer at a height of 10 m, m/s
  • humidity at a temperature of 20, %
  • mist of fog, rain, snow, hail

from -40 to 50
from -29 to 45
up to 18
up to 98
no limit


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