Land Launch Project

Complex Purpose

The Land Launch and the Sea Launch Space Rocket Complexes are the cauplement of one another that allows to inject payloads of 3600 kg mass (Land Launch) and more than 6000 kg (Sea Launch) into geo-transfer orbits.

The Land Launch Space Rocket Complex is intended for injection of commercial payloads by the Zenit-3SLB launch vehicle of the mass up to 5 t into elliptical orbits with the perigee altitude of 200 km, up to 3.6 t - into geo-transfer orbits, up to 1.6 t - into geo-stationary orbit.

Land Launch is a reliable foundation of the Sea Launch proven complex

Land Launch gives the following advantages to the Customer:

  • Land Launch has the most developed flight hardware in its class of payloads as it is based on the configuration of the Sea Launch Complex justified itself during many launches. This is especially true for the Upper Stage of the Zenit-3SLB ILV, namely Block DM which for a long time made a good showing in practice. Block DM is the most widely spread and reliable upper stage which was used when injecting payloads of different classes, beginning with 1974; there were more than 270 launches with the demonstrated reliability level more than 96%.
  • Block DM-SLB is universal and multifunctional, provides multiple starts of the engine, operation during long injection, control and stabilization in all flight phases, injection into the target orbit with high accuracy and control of the motion parameters and orientation at the time of spacecraft separation.
  • The available, operating and tested ground facilities.
  • The Land Launch partners co-ordination and competence verified by practice as its main partners are the same companies as in the Sea Launch project.
  • Keen and attentive treatment of the launch Customer interests on the side of the single in world practice true commercial group of launch complexes, namely Sea Launch and Land Launch.

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