Land Launch Project

Project Partners

Shares of responsibility of the main participants in the Land Launch project

ООО "Международные космические услуги"
    OOO International Space Services
  • o Financing of operations performed by OOO International Space Services Contractors.
  • o Land Launch Program coordination and control.
  • o Marketing activity on the SIS territory.
    State Design Office Yuzhnoye after M.K. Yangel
  • Leading technical integrator for the Land Launch Complex (coordinator of OOO International Space Services Contractors operations for analytical integration of spacecraft with the Zenit-M SRC).
  • Development of operational documentation for the Zenit-3SLB ILV.
  • LV manufacturing supervision.
  • Configuration control of the flight hardware and software.
  • Planning, organizing and record of the joint operations performed during the mission.
  • ILV assembly and processing at ILV TC.
  • Planning and technical management of the launch processing and launch of the Integrated Launch Vehicle.
    OAO Rocket & Space Corporation Energia after S.P. Korolev
  • Management and performance of operations for SC analytical integration with the Ascent Unit (responsibility for the analysis of loads acting on SC within AU, analysis of dynamic clearances between SC, payload fairing and transfer system, thermal and ballistic analyses and dynamics analysis of SC separation from US).
  • Development of the transfer system for spacecraft installation in the Upper Stage including SC adapter delivered by the RUAG Aerospace Sweden AB company.
  • Block DM-SLB and transfer system manufacturing supervision.
  • Planning, organizing and record of the joint operations performed during the mission.
  • Planning and supervision of all operations with SC from the time of its delivery to the Baikonur cosmodrome to the time of the spacecraft transfer within AU to ILV TC.
  • US processing at US TC. Supervision and monitoring of US filling with the propellant components and compressed gases. AU assembly and processing at AU TC. Interobject transportation of the Upper Stage and the Ascent Unit.
  • ILV assembly and processing at ILV TC with regard to AU.
  • Planning and technical management of ILV prelaunch processing with regard to AU.
  • TM data receipt and processing Operations issue of the expanded state vectors of Block DM-SLB to the Customer at the time of the first and the subsequent shut down of US main engine and also at the time just before and after SC separation.
    The Urals Mining and Metallurgy Company (UMMC)
  • It is a strategic investor in the capital of the Space International Services
  • Investments into upgrading ILVs Zenit-2SLB and Zenit-3SLB as well as into upgrading the launch pad at Baikonur launch site.
    FGUP Ground Space Infrastructure Operation Center (TsENKI)
  • Conclusion of contracts with OOO SIS Contractors for the hardware manufacture and launch.
  • Grant of the Russian licenses and insurance of responsibility before the Third Party. Cargo clearance.
  • Provision of telemetry measurements and data processing.
  • Security and guard ensurance.
  • Telecommunication services and communication means.
  • Logistics (propellant components, compressed gases, etc.).
  • Interaction with the Baikonur cosmodrome structures.
  • Servicing of the drop areas of ILV parts separated.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility during ILV prelaunch processing and launch.
  • Astronomical-geodetical and meteorological support.
  • Fire-prevention, medical and sanepidemiological support.
  • Aviation support.
  • Planning and management of operations at the launch site.
    FGUP Design Bureau of Transport Machine-Building (KBTM)
  • Maintenance and operation of the Zenit-TM TC and the Zenit-SM LC.
  • ILV transportation from the Zenit-TM TC to the Zenit-SM LC and back in case of the launch cancellation.
  • Planning, management and conduct of operations at the Zenit-TM TC and the Zenit-SM LC during ILV prelaunch processing and launch.
    S.A. Lavochkin Scientific and Production Enterprise
  • Development, modification if required and manufacture of the Zenit-3SLB ILV payload fairing.
  • Support of operations for SC analytical integration with AU, preformed by RSC Energia.
  • PLF preparation for AU assembly, participation in AU assembly, final operations with PLF within AU.
  • Taking part in AU prelaunch processing and ILV launch.
    FGUP OKB Vympel
  • Logistic of SC autonomous preparation, assembly and AU processing.
  • Providing rooms and conditions for US and SC filling with propellant components and compressed gases.
    State Enterprise Production Association A.M. Makarov Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant
  • o Manufacture and tests of LV stages at the manufacturer, their delivery to the Zenit-TM TC, assembly and verification of LV and ILV as a whole, LV processing at the Zenit-SM LC during ILV prelaunch processing.

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