Land Launch Project

Complex Content

Ascent Unit

Ascent unit with Block DM-SLB

AU Content

AU component Developer/manufacturer
 Payload fairing

NPO after S.A. Lavochkin

 Upper Stage

S.P. Korolev RSC Energia


SC developer

 Transfer system:
  • Transfer compartment
  • SC adapter

S.P. Korolev RSC Energia
RUAG (Sweden)

AU basic dimensions

Factor name Value
 Length, mm
 Diameter, mm


Block DM-SLB

Block (US) DM-SLB is developed on the basis of Block DM-SL developed and manufactured by S.P. Korolev RSC Energia, which was successfully used in the Sea Launch program.

It is intended for injection of different purpose spacecraft into high elliptical, high circular (including geo-stationary) orbits and departure (inteplanetary) trajectories.

The structure of the Block DM-SLB used in the Zenit-3SLB launch vehicle in many respects is similar to the Block DM-SL structure of the Sea Launch project and it is its adapted option for the Land Launch Program.

The Upper Stage using liquid oxygen and kerosene as the propellant components can provide up to three engine burns throughout the mission. Therefore the spacecraft injection into geo-stationary orbit is provide in compliance with two-or three-burn sequence depending on the longitude of SC point.

Main Characteristics of Block DM-SLB

Factor name Value
 Block structure mass, t
 Fuel reserve to be loaded, t
(kerosene + liquid oxygen)
 up to 14,9
 Main engine with nozzle extended
 Attitude/ullage combined propulsion system (AUCPS):
  • number of engine units
  • number of power units
  • propellant components
  • fuel reserve loaded, kg

up to 57,0
 PL mass injected into GEO, t
(p / a = 4136 / 35786, km; i=23,2)
Shortage of velocity to GEO, m/s
 up to 3,6

 PL mass injected into GEO, t
 up to 1,6

Transfer System

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