Land Launch Project

Chronology of Launches

TELSTAR 11N Launch


January 11Ц26, 2009

Prelaunch processing of Block DM-SLB є2L within the Zenit-3SLB ILV.

January 12Ц31, 2009

Telstar 11N SC processing (Canada).

January 27, 2009

US filling with high-boiling propellant components and compressed gases.

February 2Ц4, 2009

Telstar 11N SC filling with propellant components and compressed gases.

January 28Ц
February 15, 2009

Assembly and nominal processing of Ascent Unit є2L.

February 4Ц17, 2009

Nominal prelaunch processing of launch vehicle Zenit-2S є2L within the Zenit-3 SLB ILV.

February 15Ц24, 2009

Assembly and nominal prelaunch processing of the Zenit-3SLB ILV.

February 22, 2009

State Committee accepted a decision on the Zenit-3SLB ILV roll-out to LC for ILV further processing for the Telstar 11N SC launch.

February 24, 2009

1-st launch day. ILV transportation to the Launch Complex ILV installation on LC. Start of ILV nominal prelaunch processing.

February 25, 2009

2-nd launch day. Critical launch readiness checklist (CLRC).

February 26, 2009

3-rd launch day. CLRC mode analysis. Meeting of the State Committee (launch readiness review with customer participation). LC preparation for prelaunch processing (PLP) mode. At 16:30, Moscow time (13:30 UTC) PLP mode began. At 21:30, Moscow time (18:30 UTC) the launch of the Zenit-3SLB ILV with the Telstar 11N SC was performed.


The Telstar 11N spacecraft was injected into the calculated geo-transfer orbit with the following parameters:

Perigee altitude,
Apogee altitude,

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