Cronology of Extravehicular Activity

Space Flight Members Started and Ended (UTC) Duration, Criterion The EVA tasks and features
206 ISS
Expedition ISS-54
(from the Quest module)
M. Vande Hei
S. Tingle
11 h 46 min

19 h 09 min
January 23, 2018
7 h 23 min
(from the opening to the closure of the exit hatch)
Replacing the SSRMS latching end effector LEE B with backup grapple fixture LEE on the external stowage platform ESP-2 (due to performance degradation of the cable-loop that limited the capture capabilities).
207 ISS
Expedition ISS-54
(from the Pirs module)
A. Misurkin
A. Shkaplerov
15 h 34 min

23 h 46 min
February 2, 2018
8 h 12 min
(from the opening to the closure of the exit hatch)
Removing device 317-II from the antenna receiving unit () of high gain antenna () and pushing off from the ISS. Installing the receiving module of wideband communication system () on . Installing a bracket with connectors on DC1 handle for exposure. Imagery of removable cassette No. 9 installed on SM. Repositioning of the portable foot restraint on the egress facility of Pirs DC1.
208 ISS
Expedition ISS-54
(from the Quest module)
M. Vande Hei
N. Kanai
14 h 58 min

20 h 50 min
February 16, 2018
5 h 52 min
(from the opening to the closure of the exit hatch)
Transferring latching end effector LEE (removed from SSRMS on 05.10.2017) to the Airlock (planned to be returned to the ground on logistics vehicle SpX-14 Dragon). Transferring LEE (removed from SSRMS 23.01.2018) from the external storage platform ESP-2 to MBS of mobile transporter MT. Lubricating end effector LEE B on SSRMS.