Cronology of Extravehicular Activity

Space Flight Members Started and Ended (UTC) Duration, Criterion The EVA tasks and features
192 ISS
Expedition ISS-46
(from the Quest module)
T. Kopra
T. Peake
12 h 47 min

17 h 26 min
January 15, 2016
4 h 39 min
(from the opening to the closure of the exit hatch)
Replacement of the failed voltage regulator (SSU 1B) with a new one (installed SSU 1B was tested and put into operation); installation of Node 3 non-propulsive vent (NPV); routing of cable W2288 (white-green) of the International docking assembly IDA 3; partial mating of Ethernet cable for upgraded MDM. Note: The activities were completed ahead of schedule due to appearance of cold water on the inner surface of Tim Kopras pressurized helmet.
193 ISS
Expedition ISS-46
(from the Pirs module)
S. Volkov
Yu. Malenchenko
12 h 54 min

17 h 39 min
February 3, 2016
4 h 45 min
(from the opening to the closure of the exit hatch)
Jettisoning the flash-drive containing a video recording of TV messages for participants of All-Russian event SMS on the ISS: 70 thousands thanks. Conduct of the Test experiment wipe samples from the external surface of DC1 VL-1 and in window cover drive zone #8 were taken. Retrieve of monoblock Expose-R with multipurpose workstation (MWS-D) along plane II of SM large diameter TC and transfer to DC1, photo survey of samples. Retrieval of the removable cassette-container #2-2 and installation of cassette #3-2 on R2. Installation of Vynoslivost sample exposure unit #2 on R-2. Photo survey and changing of Plume Impingement and Deposit Monitoring Unit () orientation on MRM-2 (rotation of 90). Installation of two gap spanners on conical part of FGB TCC-2 (plane III). Performance of space experiment Restavratsiya installation of sample tray on the output exposure unit, application of film coatings on the samples using , status monitoring of exterior surfaces and photo survey of the ISS RS structural elements.
194 ISS
Expedition ISS-48
(from the Quest module)
J. Williams
K. Rubins
12 h 02 min

17 h 57 min
August 19, 2016
5 h 55 min
(from the opening to the closure of the exit hatch)
Installation of the new International docking adapter IDA2 on PMA2 of ISS USOS Node2. Outfitting of adapters IDA2 and PMA2 (installation of flat reflector cover on PMA2, installation of semispherical reflector cover on PMA2, installation of semispherical reflectors on IDA2, installation of MLI on IDA2). Routing of cables to IDA2 and IDA3; mating power and data cables to IDA2. Routing Ethernet cable and connecting it to MDM EPIC
195 ISS
Expedition ISS-48
(from the Quest module)
J. Williams
K. Rubins
11 h 51 min

18 h 36 min
September 1, 2016
6 h 45 min
(from the opening to the closure of the exit hatch)
Retraction of Trailing Thermal Control Radiator TTCR, installation of cinches and shroud. Photo survey of Alpha Joint Interface Structure (AJIS) struts. Installation of external high-resolution cameras on ports CP08 and CP09 of External Television Camera Group (ETVCG). Replacement of lamp on port 09. Removal and stowage of pump flow control system (PFCS) MLI of the USOS SA cooling system. Starboard CETA Cart brake handle tie down.

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