Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Pille-Simonyi-2

Pille-Simonyi-2 Experiment is part of science research program implemented onboard the ISS RS by spaceflight participant, U.S. citizen Charles Simonyi; this experiment is continuation of "Pille-ISS", experiment performed during VC-12 time. The Space Adventures Company is the Customer to prepare and conduct this experiment.


Determination experimentally of value of accumulated dose resulting from ionizing radiation of space, which was taken by Ch. Simonyi as a space flight participant during VC-16 visiting crew flight onboard the Souyz TMA-14 manned transport spacecraft and the ISS Russian Segment modules.


  • Measurement of Ch. Simonyi (space flight participant) exposure to radiation over the entire period of VC-16 flight.
  • Obtaining experimental data on value of ionizing radiation dose taken by Ch. Simonyi onboard the Soyuz TMA-14 manned transport spacecraft during the free flight.
  • Obtaining of daily experimental data on value of ionizing radiation dose taken by Ch. Simonyi throughout VC-16 flight.
  • Determination of radiological situation in the ISS RS measurement areas when conducting space experiment during VC-16 flight.

Science Hardware Used:

Dose meter "Pille-ISS" containing:

  • panel of dose meter "Pille-ISS";
  • sensor of dose meter "Pille-ISS" (10 pcs.);
  • tray for sensors.

Digital camera Nikon D2X.


Kit "Pille-Simonyi-2" containing:

  • sensors "Pille-ISS" (4 pcs.);
  • memory cards CF 2Mb (3 pcs);
  • bag for kit "Pille-Simonyi-2".

Experiment Results:

Memory cards to be delivered to Earth, with the data and photographs taken during conduct of the experiment.

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