Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment EXPOSE-R


Eczobiological investigations of the space environment (ultraviolet radiation, vacuum and ionizing radiation) effect on organic and biological samples.


  • Delivery of EXPOSE-R hardware to the ISS RS.
  • Mounting and electrical connection of EXPOSE-R monoblock to the onboard service systems during extravehicular activity.
  • Series of the hardware operability tests before putting into operation.
  • Acquisition of scientific and telemetry data and its record on PCMCIA card.
  • Delivery of the following to the ground for further studies: trays with organic and biological samples after a lapse of the exposure year and PCMCIA card with experiment data.

Science Hardware Used:

EXPOSE-R hardware consisting of:

  • EXPOSE-R monoblock;
  • Set of accessories;
  • Set of cables.

Service Equipment Used:

  • Electronic power switching unit;
  • OECF System and multiplexed bus unit (SMBU)

Experiment Results:

PCMCIA card with scientific and telemetry data, trays with organic and biological samples returned to the ground.

Expected Results:

The results of experiment EXPOSE-R will allow to study the probability and limitations of life spread beyond the Earth on other planets of solar system as well as provide a better understanding of processes regulating life interaction with the Earth environment.

ISS Crew