Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment GTS-2


Study of physical conditions, in which precise time signal and data signal generated by GTS hardware are downlinked by means of special ground receivers.


Delivery of electronics unit GTS-2 with refurbished performance to the ISS RS, which will allow to receive signal by ground station with a higher accuracy.

Science Hardware Used:

GTS hardware:

  • Electronics unit GTS-2;
  • Antenna unit with attachment mechanism to downlink precise time signals;
  • RF cables;
  • Spectrum analyzer kit.


  • CD with payload computer (PLC) software.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Payload Computer (PLC) of OECS;
  • TV Exchange Module.

Expected Results:

Dismantling and utilization of the old electronics unit. Mounting of the newly-delivered electronics unit GTS-2 to verify in real space conditions characteristics and accuracy of time signal downlinked from low near-earth orbit.