Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Pille-ISS


Determination experimentally of value of accumulated dose resulting from ionizing radiation of space, which was taken by Ch. Simonyi as a space flight participant during VC-12 visiting crew flight.


  • Measurement of Ch. Simonyi (space flight participant) exposure to radiation over the entire period of VC-12 flight.
  • Obtaining experimental data on value of accumulated dose taken by Ch. Simonyi (space flight participant) on a daily basis over the entire period of VC-12 flight.
  • Determination of radiological situation in measurement areas when conducting space experiment in the ISS RS during VC-12 flight.

Science Hardware Used:

Dose meter "Pille-ISS" containing:

  • panel of dose meter "Pille-ISS";
  • sensor of dose meter "Pille-ISS";
  • tray for sensors.

Digital camera Nikon D2X.


Memory card "Pille-ISS" CF 2Mb.

Experiment Results:

Memory cards to be delivered to Earth, with the data and photographs taken during conduct of the experiment.