Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment NOA


Monitoring of nitrogen oxide exhaled by a cosmonaut to detect the pulmonary function alterations in a long-term space flight.


  • Detection of respiratoty track inflammation symptoms the cause of which is the following: inhalation of aerosols or some other contaminants in the ISS atmosphere (weekly determination of NO exhaled in a long-term flight of a cosmonaut aboard the ISS RS).
  • Detection of venous gaseous embolism because of the extravehicular activity (determination of NO exhaled before and after the extravehicular activity).

Science Hardware Used:

  • Kit Platon with analyzer to determine NO content in the air exhaled by a cosmonaut, power unit, filters, memory card, cable insert, flight log, NO sensors, etc.


  • Accessories Kit Platon with bacterial filters, memory cards, elastic tapes and wipes.

Experiment Results:

The interchangeable data carrier containing materials obtained, returned to the Earth upon completion of the experiment aboard the ISS RS.

Expected Results:

The research conducted in the experiment is of interest to diving medicine on the Earth, intense therapy, advanced surgery and treatment using artificial circulation and also to study the possible decompression disease of cosmonauts (astronauts) upon the extravehicular activity.

ISS Crew

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