Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Cardiocog-4


Acquisition of new scientific data to deepen knowledge about mechanisms of cardiorespiratory system adaptation to space flight conditions.


  • Investigation of the effect of long-term weightlessness on vegetative regulation of cardiovascular system and interactions between the cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as study of stress reactions caused by weightlessness and space flight conditions.
  • Comparison of in the cardiovascular function alterations, occurred in a long-term flight with preflight and postflight data.
  • Study of the vegetative regulation level upon return to the Earth and its relation to orthostatic instability.
  • Comparison of effects of long-term and short-term weightlessness on cardiovascular system (the data of previous investigations in short-term space flights and parabolic flights).

Science Hardware Used:

  • Kit Cardioscience.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Sphygmomanometer Tensoplus for measurement of arterial pressure.
  • Video camera Sony DSR PD-1P.
  • Portable computer table.

Support Items:

  • IBM ThinkPad A31P.


  • Kit Cardiocog.
  • Kit Return of Hard Discs.

Experiment Results:

  • Information on cardiovascular status (electrocardiogram, arterial pressure, respiration rate) recorded on a hard disc and PCMCIA card;
  • Flight log sheets with arterial pressure measurement results and time marks of experiment run;
  • Mini DV video cassette with record of experiment run.