Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment SCN


Conduct photo and video imageries for advertising purposes using HDV.


Conduct photo and video imageries onboard the ISS RS according to the agreed scenario.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Video camera Sony HVR-Z1J
  • Wide-angle attachment for lens x0.8/VCL-HG0872
  • Set of video cables and adapters
    to connect to the Service Module TV system

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Photo camera Nikon F5

Commercial Hardware:

  • Package of advertised food product (Space Cup Noodle, 6 pcs.)
    to demonstrate the product during the experiment.


  • Storage battery NP-F970 (2);
  • Video tapes Sony PHDVM-63 DM (4);
  • Film.

Experiment Results:

Videotapes and films with the footage to be returned to the ground and handed over to the customer.