Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment JAXA 3DPC


Produce 3D photon crystals through self-organization and ordering of colloid nanoparticles in an electrolyte solution with subsequent fixation in the elastic gel matrix.


Grow colloid crystals in micrgravity, fix the crystal structure by photohardening, return produced materials to Earth.

Science Hardware Used:

Hardware for growing 3D photon crystals 3DPCGF, including:

  • Main Unit 3DPCU containing:
    • 8 experimental sealed growth cells with the investigated materials;
    • digital camera with a lens;
    • parameters recoding unit;
    • white LEDs (to illuminate one of the growing cells during shooting;
    • UV LEDs (for photohardening of the contents of all growth cells after completion of the experiment on the ISS).
  • Switch box and power supply BIP-12
    To supply power to main unit 3DPCU;
  • Cable set.

Expected Results:

Application of photon crystals in photonics items will make it possible to considerably increase noise immunity and information processing rate.

Experiment Results:

Materials produced in 8 growth cells of main unit 3 DPCU, as well as digital photo information on the process of formation of a colloid crystal in one of the growth cells.