Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Neurocog


Investigate a role of gravity in determination, calibration and combination of various sensor and motor reference systems of the internal human impression.


Assess a role of various sections of cerebral cortex responsible for internal perception of a 3D organization of spatial impression occurring in microgravity conditions.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Cogni Kit ;
  • Galley Kit;
  • Neurocog Kit

Support Items:

  • Experiments control unit EGE 2
  • Power supply EGE 02 and cables.


  • "Galley-RM" Kit
  • "Return of Hard Discs" Kit
  • "CARDIO and NEURO" Kit

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Videocamera SONY DSR-PD-1P with accessories
  • Portable computer table.

Experiment Results:

  • Records of subject electroencephalograms and electrooculograms on PCMCIA cards;
  • Information perception rate and accuracy recorded on a hard disc and PCMCIA card (backup copy);
  • Mini DV videotape with the experiment record.