Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment ETD (Eye Tracking Device)


Assess an orientation of Listing plane in various gravity conditions, in particular under long-duration microgravity conditions, and determine an impact of long-duration microgravity on eyes and head motions, and their coordination in response of eyes fixing.


  • Determine an impact of long-duration microgravity and adaptation processes of the vestibular function on the orientation of Listing plane.
  • Determine a degree of compliance of Listing plane as a basis for the internal coordinate system of the visual system similar to the vestibular system.
  • Investigate quantitative characteristics of the visual tracking reactions based on the coordination of head and eyes motions during different space flight phases, that is required for optimization of operational activity modes of cosmonauts.
  • Investigate adaptation mechanisms of the vestibular-sensor and vestibular-motor control systems, when the vestibular input activity is disturbed.
  • Determine the most significant factors of disturbance of activity of the intersensor and vestibular-motor interaction systems.

Science Hardware Used:

ETD hardware including:

  • Container "ETD Head unit";
  • Container "ETD System unit";
  • Pouches "ETD accessories", ETD, SAMPLE, SUIT, ETD-500.


  • Hard disk.

Experiment Results:

Data recorded on a hard disk, which will be returned from the ISS RS in "Container ETD hard disk" pouch.