Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment ROKVISS


  • Verification of highly integrated lightweight robotic hinge elements in real time flight conditions in space conditions.
  • Investigation of applicability of new robotic control modes and video filming for conduct of automatic operations in space.


  • Mounting of the manipulator facility monoblock ROBOTIK and transceiver with antenna on the mechanical adapter (TM/TC unit) outside the ISS RS Service Module Zvezda on the universal worksite during egress into space.
  • Mounting of OBC unit (control computer) inside the pressurized compartment of the ISS RS Service Module Zvezda.
  • Conduct of experiment sessions in the remote presence mode.
  • ISS and Earth imagery.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Rokviss hardware consisting of:

- manipulator facility monoblock ROBOTIK;

- transceiver with antenna on the mechanical adapter
- onboard computer OBC
- Accessories kit
- Cable set.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Electronic power switching unit

Support Aids Complex:

  • Load-bearing truss,
  • Universal worksite (-) composed of:
    - Baseplate
    - Platform
    - Left and right boards
    - Variable length tether.

Experiment Results:

  • ROKVISS hardware operation data (temperature, voltage) downlinked via TM/TC unit.
  • Pictures made by using a stereo system and video camera located on the manipulator facility hinge transmitted to the ground.