Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Starmail


Downlink over the available communication links of the digital data recorded on CD disk by IHI Aerospace (Japan) containing the message from private clients with the wishes, congratulations on the holidays, historic dates, as well as ground photographs taken by means of the onboard available flight photographic and videorecording equipment.


  • Photography of specific areas of the ground with subsequent processing of digital images;
  • ISS RS downlink transmission of the Customer-provided text messages of the Earth pictures.


  • 'Starmail' stowage with CD disks.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Camera Nikon D1;
  • Videocamera Sony DSR-PD150P;
  • Laptop.

Experiment Result:

Positive emotions of the clients who receive from the ISS the electronic messages with the congratulations, wishes, the pictures of some Earth areas coming as a pleasant surprise.