Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment MPAC & SEED


Investigation into micrometeorite situation in the ISS orbit and obtaining experimental data on the impact of space factors on samples of materials, coatings, elements of electronic and mechanical systems to be used in JAXA advanced space projects.


  • Mounting of MPAC & SEED panels on the external surface of the Service module during extravehicular activity, obtaining video and photographic information on the state of the panels.
  • Detection of meteorite and space debris particles, including non-destructing capture of them using silica aerogel traps available in the MPAC & SEED panels.
  • Long-duration (no less than 1 year) passive exposure of samples of materials and coatings under space environment factors effects (solar ultraviolet radiation) in the ISS operational orbit.
  • Dismounting of the panels from the external surface of the Service module during extravehicular activity, photography and video filming of the dismounting process and the panels state, transfer to the Service module pressurized compartment, return of the samples in special containers to the ground.

Science Hardware Used:

  • MPAC & SEED panels with samples
    to be used for exposure of materials samples in space conditions.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • LIV complex;
  • Glisser-M video camera;
  • Nikon F5 photo camera
    for registration of operations with equipment inside and outside the Service module.

Support Accesories:

  • Adapter frame;
  • A set of tools and accessories
    for attachment of MPAC & SEED panels on the ISS outer surface.


  • Special return containers SRC;
  • Photo- and Video Tapes.

Expected Results:

Monitoring of meteorite and technogenic environment in the range of 0.001 -0.1 mm particles.

ISS Crew

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