Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment LEGO


  • Promotion of a batch of the Lego-made toys;
  • Popularization of zero-gravity-specific measurement of bodies mass for pupils.


Performance of shooting an educational film of cognitive character using the Lego-made figurines from the batch known as 'Life on Mars' against the background of the placard with the Lego logotype.

Hardware Used:

  • Photocamera NICON F5;
  • Video camera DSR PD-1P;
  • Device for measuring mass in zeropgravity conditions;
  • Lego-made figurines;
  • Placard with the Lego logotype

    for shooting advertising plots.

Expected Results:

  • Performance of the promotion campaign in favor of Lego;
  • Moulding world outlook of the rising generation in the spirit of coming space age.