Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

Name Expected
Experiments Results
TENZOR Updating the ISS dynamic characteristics
ISKAZHENIYE Updating the mathematical models simulating magnetic environment at the ISS
PRIVYAZKA Clarifying alignment characteristics of high-precision hardware
IDENTIFIKATSIA Development of the procedures to promptly detect sources of microgravity disturbances
IZGIB Generation of the mathematical models simulating gravity environment at the ISS
INFRAZVUK-M Solving the problems of standardizing and protection of crew from injurious exposure to acoustic noise in habitable compartments of Service Module
METEOROID Increased safety of space flights
VEKTOR-T Testing the experimental system of highly accurate forecasting of the ISS motion to ensure time reference of the ISS-based experiments and studies, as well as accomplish the station flight control tasks
SKORPION Development of a multipurpose instrument for monitoring environmental parameters inside the Service Module compartments
KROMKA Work out recommendations for need of modifications of the gas dynamic protective devices and possible directions
ACOUSTIKA-M Investigation of acoustic conditions of voice communication of the ISS crew.
TOKSICHNOST Development of the system of water toxicity express monitoring under space flight conditions.
RADIOSKAF Development, processing and launch of supersmall satellites during EVA.
SREDA-MKS Consolidated study of the ISS parameters as a man-made environment for various investigations.
INFOTEKH Test of a method of high-rate data downlink from the ISS Service Module.
KONTUR Development of control methods of robotic arm on the ISS via Internet.
VETEROK Test of new technologies and hardware for atmospheric parameters optimization in habitable compartments of RS ISS.
BAR Selection and development of methods for detecting the locations of leaks in the modules of the International Space Station.
EXPERT Investigation of microdestruction processes in the ISS inhabited modules in a long-term manned flight.
TEST Experimental study of the capability of the ISS RS pressurized bodies microdestruction under the deposition of aggressive products and components of the own outer atmosphere.
VIRU Virtual manuals.
SLS Development test of the laser communication system for transmission of data bulk from the ISS RS payload complex dedicated equipment.
DALNOST Study and use of the global time system signals from board the ISS to clarify the orbital motion parameters.
VYNOSLIVOST Study of the effect of space environment factors on characteristics of mechanical properties of space-purpose materials.
ALBEDO Study of the Earth radiation characteristics and try-out of their use in the ISS RS power supply system model.
VIZIR The image reference system experimental method with use of ultrasonic sensors.
KONTROL Monitoring of the ISS RS own outer atmosphere and external working surfaces, as well as diagnostics of orbital complex-specific materials and coatings performance.

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