Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

Vynoslivost Experiment


Identification of the effect of space environment factors (SEF) on strain, strength and fatigue characteristics of the sampling materials exposed in loaded and unloaded configurations..


  • Mounting of panels with samples at the external surface of MRM2 Poisk during EVA;
  • Long-term exposure of material samples in loaded and unloaded configurations under the effect of SEF on MRM2 Poisk surface;
  • Dismounting of panels with samples from MRM2 Poisk external surface during EVA in a year (No. 2) and in three years (No. 1) and their return to the ground for the experiment results processing.

Science Hardware Used:

Sample exposure unit (SEU) consisting of:

  • Panels with samples No.No. 1, 2;
  • Transportation kit;
  • Kits for samples to be returned to the ground (2 pcs.).

Expected Results:

Development of recommendations for the updated assessment of life strength of the ISS RS pressure body structural elements and selection of durable structural materials.

Experiment Results:

Upon exposure the structural material samples returned to the ground.