Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

Dalnost Experiment


High-accuracy definition of the ISS orbital motion parameters using global time system (GTS-2) signals.


  • Installation of the ground receiving station on the premises of M.V. Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, the Russian Academy of Sciences, software upgrading to receive the information signal from board the ISS RS.
  • Experimental verification of the procedure to be developed for high-accuracy definition of the ISS orbit.
  • Development of methods and software for high-accuracy definition of the ISS orbital motion parameters using the mentioned measurements of GTS-2 equipment.
  • Definition of such disturbing effects as the ionosphere and troposphere state, multipath and shadings of the emitted signal, etc. on the definition accuracy of the ISS orbital motion parameters.
  • Project development and implementation of the experimental system for high-accuracy definition of the ISS motion using GTS-2 equipment measurement data.
  • Issue of recommendations for the developed system use.

Science Hardware Used:

GTS hardware consisting of:

  • GTS-2 avionics unit;
  • antenna unit with fixing mechanism;
  • high-frequency cables (2 pcs.);
  • spectrum analyzer kit.

Flight Equipment Used:

System and multiplex line unit of the onboard equipment control system.

Expected Results:

Development of the ground systems to define parameters of SC orbital motion using without request measurements of the inclined range and radial velocity. The use of such a system on the ISS will allow to reduce financial expenditures for high-accuracy navigation support of the station flight and performance of space experiments requiring this support.

Experiment Results:

GTS-2 equipment information signals (orbital data, accurate time and the emitted signal rate), as well as the status service TMI received by the ground stations in Russia and Germany for further results processing.

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