Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

SLS Experiment


Development of the hardware and demonstration of the Russian procedure for data reception - transmission through the space laser line.


  • Laser communication onboard terminal (LCOT) equipment installation.
  • Test of the main design and production process solutions applied in the advanced flight hardware on the ISS RS in a space flight.
  • Development of the procedure for data reception-transmission using the laser communication line.
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Science Hardware Used:

  • LCOT-N as an assembly;
  • LCOT-I internal unit;
  • LCOT-N cable reel;
  • Set of cables.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Laptop A31P (RSE-LCS);
  • Universal work station.

Expected Results:

Development of the laser communication system and the data reception-transmission procedure with a capability of LCOT modification to increase the power potential and the capacity without the significant reprocessing of the main structural units, as well as through the use of the additional receiving or transmitting modules and the added spectral receiving or transmitting channels.

Experiment Results:

Telemetry information on LCOT operation and data on the communication channel performance in different experiment conditions.