Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Veterok


Verifying operational integrity of the hardware and the efficiency of new technologies for optimizing atmospheric parameters under conditions of orbital flight.


  • Delivery of Veterok experiment hardware to ISS RS.
  • Setting up electrical connections of the hardware. Mounting it onto interior panel.
  • Conducting the 1st test session of the space experiment with hardware activation and measuring its air flow output characteristics.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Air cleaning fans;
  • Power cable #1 - Veterok;
  • Air ion concentration meter (-1);
  • Heat-loss anemometer (TAH-1);
  • Self-contained power supply of VARTA Industrial type (1 pc.);
  • Self-contained power supply of Duracell type (6 pc.);

Experiment Results:

  • Air flow output characteristics data of the air cleaning fan, based on which the scientific equipment performance is analyzed and a bank of scientific data is generated.
  • Photographs showing the location of the air cleaning fan on a Service Module interior panel.

Expeted Results:

Implementation of alternative methods for cleaning and revitalizing the atmosphere by pumping the air with electrostatic fan through an electric filter and saturating the air with light air ions of positive and negative polarity will make it possible to solve the problem of removing organic trace contaminants from the air, both in the entire volume and in the space behind the panels.

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