Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

KAP 08 Experiment

KAP 08 experiment forms part of the research program performed by South Korean astronaut Yi So Yeon under KAP Project on the ISS RS. The research program is preparation and implemented on order by the South Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).


Growing of Metal-Organic Porous Materials (MOPMs) in Microgravity.


Synthesis of Metal-Organic Porous Materials on the ISS RS.

Science Hardware Used:

  • MOPM equipment KAP 08 Kit
    containing experiment hardware MOPM consisting of two units: sample heater and temperature controller.
  • MOPM equipment. Sample heater (2 heaters).

The sample heater is designed as a cylindrical container accommodating sample vessels with externally attached flat heater. Tow identical sample heaters are used in the experiment, each of which accommodates 17 experiment vessels with a source.
The vessel is a duralumin cylinder container with an experiment ampoule with a source working solution.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Camera Nikon D2X;
  • Camcorder Sony HVR-Z1J.

Experiment Results:

Metal-organic porous materials produced in microgravity and accompanying photo and video information recorded on a flash card and video tape to be returned to ground.