Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

ENEIDE Experiment

Experiment ENEIDE forms part of the scientific research program performed by Italian Astronaut Roberto Vittori (ESA) on the ISS in the frame of ENEIDE ISM Project. The European Space Agency is a customer of the preparation and implementation of the research program.


Measurement and verification of the GPS and EGNOS signals in Low Earth Orbit.


  • Verify the performances obtainable by a GPS/EGNOS receiver
  • Perform a PVT measurement using a combined GPS/EGNOS receiver during the different phases of the mission and compare the obtained results with the equivalent data from the spacecraft

Used Science Hardware:

  • Receiver FM located inside Soyuz TMA-6 is an integrated GNSS receiver for space applications able to determine position and time using GPS signals. Besides providing real-time navigation data with conventional accuracy, the receiver is able to measure pseudoranges and integrated carrier phase
  • Wide beam antenna FM installed externally on Soyuz TMA-6 is an airborne antenna with a Dual-Band L1-L2, with Hemispherical coverage pattern; the Gain is grater than - 4dBic for elevation > 5 and Right Hand Circular Polarisation.
  • Cables (4 pcs.)
  • PCMCIA card

Receiver FM Wide beam antenna FM

Flight Equipment Used:

  • IBM A31p ThinkPad laptop (with cables).

Experiment Results:

Data recorded on PCMCIA card received automatically during the orbital phase of Soyuz TMA-6 flight and during a mated flight with the ISS RS.

ISS Crew